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Omar Faizan

Product Designer

I love making interfaces that get stuff done. The problem solving aspect of design excites me and so does its artistic side.
I have worked on all mediums of communication design. From Logo design to complex web applications I’ve got opportunity work under each domain.
How about we catch up for our next big thing?


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Skills I have

UI and UX

From Web to Mobile – I can help you create an immersive experience for your users


Brands can speak volumes, together we
can create logo designs and collaterals that stand tall for your brand

Print Media

Started my career as a print designer Ive worked editorial and corporate print designs


Information can get complicated. I can
help you simplyfy and prioritise it with
engaging graphics


Honing the power of art to speak what you are trying to convey

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 +91 9821792140


Mumbai, India

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